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Duplessis Art Launches Creative Community Builder Program

Denver, Colorado - In support of her forthcoming art exhibition Negro Stories, Denver - based artist Chloe Duplessis has launched the Creative Community Builder program.

This interactive, quarterly arts program provides businesses and organizations with the opportunity to expand cultural capacity, foster healing and build community in real-time.

How It Works

As a Creative Community Builder, you will gain access to an exclusive virtual tour of the Negro Stories exhibition and artist talk.

Following the exhibition, your employees, team members or colleagues will have the opportunity to share their Negro Story online. Stories may be submitted anonymously, and

will be used to create an original piece of art that represents your organization's commitment to healing and community.

To be considered for the program:

1) Watch the Creative Community Builder promo video HERE.

2) Select the partnership level that best aligns with your cultural capacity building goals.

3) Contact Duplessis Art to request your program application form. Once your application has been received, approved Creative Community Builders will be notified in writing within three business days.

Creative Community Builder Program

Partnership Opportunities

Each partnership level includes:

  • An original work of art inspired by the authentic stories of your colleagues, employees, members or students

  • Shipping and delivery fees and virtual installation support, if located outside of the greater Denver area

  • Name recognition via social media as an official Creative Community Builder

  • Virtual press conference and art unveiling opportunity (Optional)

Level One

# of Participants:

(1 to 25 employees)

Partner Fee: $2500

Level Two

# of Participants:

(26 to 50 employees)

Partner Fee: $5000

Level Three

# of Participants:

(51 - 100)

Partner Fee: $7500

For more information on NegroCreative Community Program, or call 2097204ART.



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