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Duplessis Art Launches the Lagniappe residency

Updated: May 22, 2021

Denver - Art studio and cultural consultancy Duplessis Art is launching an innovative new service to support businesses in their quest to become more inclusive and anti-racist.

The Lagniappe residency is an immersive creative experience that provides a group, business or organization with the opportunity to learn, bond and build cultural capacity.

How does it work?

Step 1:


Duplessis Art meets with the organization's leadership to gain an understanding of their strategic goals in support of diversity and inclusion.

Step 2:


Once the mission has been defined, Duplessis Art will work with you to develop a creative vision for the residency that is in alignment with the organization's strategic goals.

Step 3:


To do so, Duplessis Art's founder, artist and curator Chloe' Duplessis

facilitates inclusive engagement workshops centered around creative expression. These fun, interactive workshops build community and cultural capacity in real-time.

Duplessis has over twenty years of experience in intercultural engagement, advocacy and artsadministration, and has visited 9 countries and 21 states in support of her work.

Following the workshops, participants are afforded the opportunity to complete a survey, and the expressions gathered are then used to create an original piece of art.

At the close of the residency, the artwork is presented to the organization in recognition of their intentional commitment to diversity and inclusion.

For terms and pricing information, contact Duplessis Art directly at or 2097204ART.



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