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New art installation honors the power of prayer

This mo th, artist and historian Chloe Duplessis will offer her latest installation, in partnership with the Center for Colorado Women's History in Denver. 

The Prayer Closet is an inspired fiber art installation of nearly 300 handmade flowers anchored by historical imagery and artifacts that honor the importance of sacred spaces and the power of prayer.

Across time, individuals and communities have designated certain spaces as sacred. The creation of prayer rooms and closets among Protestants in the US during the Victorian era, like the prayer closet built in the historic home at the Center for Colorado Women’s History, carried on this long-standing tradition. 

A legally blind artist, curator, and historian, Duplessis elevates the unknown, illuminates the forgotten, and mindfully addresses the present through her work – centering the importance of shared history, and eroding the social constructs that oppress people of color and those navigating disability.

The Prayer Closet runs through March 30 at the Center for Colorado Women's History.



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